Application Focus: From Genes to Humans

The major application domains for motivating and testing the current and future research agenda include biomedical informatics, game Artificial Intelligence, and commonsense reasoning in home security and defense. Many other fruitful domains can also motivate and test the new technologies, including robot mapping, smart environments, intelligent devices, financial analysis, web intelligence, etc.

In biomedicine, our work aims to develop advanced computational technologies that will facilitate decision makers to identity relevant information, gain useful insights, and take timely actions in a wide range of biomedical and health care settings – from understanding biological processes and systems, to improving patient care and analyzing epidemiological policies and plans.

Our technologies aim to support:

We have worked in some of the major chronic diseases and critical conditions:

Our experience in biomedical domains will also guide us in addressing the challenges in other real-life domains; many assumptions, constraints, and methodologies are actually applicable across different domains.